Hornbrook Elementary School District

DSC_4784Hornbrook Elementary School’s mission is to develop a partnership between staff, students, parents and the community. Our staff is well rounded and professional, maintaining training in curriculum and technology to ensure Common Core State Standards success. All our students are empowered with the skills to access, process and apply information in our local and global society. In a nurturing school community with access to rich educational opportunities that extend beyond to regular school day, students learn to be responsible and safe while building character.

Our vision is to properly prepare every student for the rigors of high school, while instilling a permanent love of learning that will inspire further education in pursuit of a meaningful career path, and evolve them into productive well-adjusted members of society.

The motto here is, “Working Together To Build Student Success, In a Caring Place”.

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A Message From the Administrator

We are striving to become a magnet school for our community. Our staff has the highest expectations for students in core subjects. One of our main objectives is to not only teach the standards but also to teach students how to learn. Hornbrook Elementary students receive a well rounded education that includes physical education, music, art, and more. Students who graduate from our K-8 program move to the next level not only academically prepared but they also have vital skills that others do not. Some of these skills include: computer technology, publishing, organization, test taking, researching, studying, and more.

Our project based learning environment fosters the application of 21 century communication skills. All students graduating from Hornbrook Elementary are proficient or advanced in typing, word processing, graphic design, and presentation design / delivery. Our students work together as a team and individually to meet high academic expectations.

Mr. Josh Peete
Superintendent / Principal / Teacher
Hornbrook Elementary School / District